Blog Hop: Game of Tag about How We Write.

Be it email, a birthday card, or anything else, if you wrote it I’m always anxious to read it. I’ve been envious of your writing skills for many a year. I wondered if you and Patricia knew each other when you were in Jr. high. Now I know.

CHARLENE BELL DIETZ, Author: Inkydance Studios

99 steps St. Thomas

Patricia Smith Wood tagged me in the Blog Hop sweeping the internet for writers. I’m to reveal my innermost writing secrets.  Also I’ve tagged two other engaging authors. I’ll tell you who they are at the end of my post.

Thanks, Pat, for giving me this opportunity. We were friends in our early teens then I moved to Wyoming and we lost touch. When I moved back to Albuquerque twenty-years later, our friendship reignited.  As preteens, Pat never let us be idle. That girl could play the piano and sing her heart out. At sleepovers, she made us sing for hours. Loved it, but I sounded like a sick Muppet. Thank goodness she no longer insists I sing.

Something else, her father was an F.B. I. agent–  So cool because I was the girl who, under the blankets with a flashlight, read all the Hardy Boy Mysteries (the early…

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